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BN301 Bluetooth Headphones By Life n Soul‏ Review

A special thanks to  Life n Soul‏ for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

BN301 Bluetooth Headphones By Life n Soul‏ Review

Product Description

“We know you are as obsessed with your music as you are with your style, which is why we have launched our BN301 line. Now you can listen to your favorite music with headphones to match that amazing style you pride yourself on. But lucky for you, our focus isn’t stuck on fashion like most headphone companies these days. Our professional sound allows you to truly experience your music, so be the first among your peers to rock BN301. Bonus point, you’ll still look great while listening.”


  • Bluetooth 4.0 allows for pairing with two different devices
  • Bluetooth capability of up to 30ft
  • Easily switch between phone calls and music
  • Durable, sturdy design
  • Automatic connecting with the last paired device when the headset is turned on
  • 10 hour music play time
  • 11 hour phone talk time
  • Clear, powerful sound
  • Playback songs with the simple touch of a button on your headphone
  • Battery life is displayed on Apple iOS devices
  • Voice prompt allows for simple, bluetooth pairing

BN301 Bluetooth Headphones By Life n Soul‏ Review

My Review

With three children at home, two iPads, two iPad minis, an iPod, iPod dock and two bluetooth speakers… you can only imagine how loud and hectic it can get in our home. I will walk into one of my older kids bedrooms some days and observe my four and eight year old children on their iPads, both watching movies on full blast and am immediately overwhelmed with all of the sound. I recently decided that it would be best if the children had headphones of their own to help eliminate some of the background noise in the house, especially since we have a new baby at home. My eight year old daughter enjoys using the earpieces for headphones, however my four year old son was becoming frustrated trying to use them. Fortunately for him, we had the opportunity to test out a pair of BN301 Bluetooth Headphones by Life n Soul‏. I was so incredibly pleased with these headphones before even trying them, simply because they were wireless and that excluded a variety of issues. I was also impressed with the generously padded earpieces and sleek design. The overall quality was fantastic and the durability was very appeasing… the only thing left to do was see how well they worked!

BN301 Bluetooth Headphones By Life n Soul‏ Review

Headphones have truly come a long way since I was young and the features for these ones are incredible. Every feature that they contain makes them convenient and easy to use, so simple that even my four year old can use them unassisted. My son can enjoy a movie on his iPad when I am tending to a crying newborn, or even when we go for a long drive. My son uses these almost every single day and they have survived his very rugged and destructive ways. If these can handle a few weeks being used by my son and not sustain any damage… them you know they are pretty amazing and durable! What’s even better is that they are super stylish so I can use them for myself when I find a moment to enjoy some uninterrupted movie or music time. These are an excellent brand of headphones for people of all ages and I highly recommend them!

 BN301 Bluetooth Headphones By Life n Soul‏ Review

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35 thoughts on “BN301 Bluetooth Headphones By Life n Soul‏ Review

  1. I really like that you can easily switch between music and a phone call. It seems they are really up on the most current technology trends. Would love to try these.

  2. Love the automatic connect pairing. I’m always struggling with my own phone and car with having it pair.

  3. I really would love to win these. I’ve been wanting a pair of “cordless” headphones for the longest that I could “hook-up” to my TV. Well, these are certainly cordless and I could pair them to my TV AND my laptop. AT THE SAME TIME!!! That would be great to be able to switch between the two without having to get another set and hook them up and then put them on. I think this would make my wife love me even more.IF that’s at all possible. LOL

  4. I have Lupus so right now I have to spend a great deal of time in the bed. Having these to use to talk on the phone, listen to music, etc. would be just awesome.

  5. My son is now using the computer in the family room. We could really use these. 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful chance.

  6. I like how trendy these headphones are and all the features such as the automatic connecting with the last paired device when the headset is turned on. I also like that it easily switches between phone calls and music. Thanks for sharing this review.

  7. I love that you can Playback songs with the simple touch of a button on your headphone. I have never heard of any headphones that do that. I think that would be awesome!

  8. I love that you can manage the headphones on the actual device — built-in buttons are so useful. thanks for the chance!

  9. I love that these headphones can be used with my phone or music and can easily be switched between the two.


  10. I like how the Bluetooth capability is up to 30feet which would be great when I;m making dinner or cleaning

  11. I really love this stylish bluetooth headphone and the feature that how it easily switch between phone calls and music.
    Thank You for the informative review

  12. These headphones sound awesome! I love that you can use them with your cellphone as well, that way you can listen to music and still hear your phone when it rings…and talk through these headphones! Technology is so cool. 😉

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