About Me

Behind the Scenes – Who is Miss Frugal Mommy Anyways?

I have many new fans following my blog now and I would really like to put a face behind the Miss Frugal Mommy name!

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Miss Frugal Mommy is simply a stay at home mommy and homemaker whom decided, one day, that her family really needed to start reevaluating their expenses. Shortly after that, I made a  huge change by introducing my family to a new lifestyle of frugal living. And though we are far from perfect, we have really gotten a handle on such things as our grocery bill and unnecessary spending.

People always seek me out for advice on how to save money for their family and where to get the best deals. I eventually realized that I loved helping people better their lives financially and wanted to reach a larger audience, and so began Miss Frugal Mommy!

But who is she anyways?

*A Little Bit of History*

My real name is Heather and I grew up on the coast of Maine where the ocean was never unfamiliar. I am the eldest of four daughter’s, so life was very interesting growing up, but there was never a dull moment (and that’s what made it special!) My parents are two of the most adventurous people I know! The best memories I have of my earlier years consist of fun family adventures and family camping trips. I had a wonderful childhood growing up and strive each day to instill those same memories in my own children.

*10 Things About Me*

~I love the color pink… and animal prints! Pretty much all of my accessories are one or the other… I am very much a girly girl!

~I believe a girl can never have too many shoes!

~I am addicted to coffee and its pretty serious! I probably consume more than ten people combined in just a single day!

~I am a recovering shop-a-holic! Before my frugal days, I shopped clearance sales obsessively and just couldn’t pass up on any good deal! And though I still have an occasional splurge, I’ve made major improvements when it comes to impulse shopping.

~I am deathly afraid of dragon flies and completely aware that people must think I’m nuts when I try to avoid one that’s flying in my direction 🙂

~I am a zombie and horror movie fanatic, so it’s not hard to guess that The Walking Dead is my favorite show! It instantly bumped Grey’s Anatomy to second place from the moment I began watching!

~My significant other and I met in high school back in 2004 and have been together ever since. Two beautiful children later and our family is complete, life couldn’t be better! We have literally grown into adults together, overcome many obstacles and have created a stable and happy life for ourselves. I couldn’t have asked for a better man to raise a family and spend forever with, he is truly my best friend.

(Donald and I in our earlier days of dating! This picture was taken over eight years ago at my high school graduation!)

~My eldest child is Skye and she is the most kindhearted, adventurous, nature loving six year old I know. I look at her every day and can’t believe what an amazing little girl she has grown into. Her overwhelming compassion for people and animals reminds me that I must have done something right in these past six years. I will always remember her first day of Kindergarten, when she came home and I just couldn’t wait to hear about her day. She calmly looked at me and explained that there was a boy in her class that cried because he missed his mom. So she hugged him and said “don’t be sad, you will see your mom soon.” That is just one of many stories of my daughter’s kindness, she makes me so proud to be her mom!


~My youngest child is Roman and he is the most active, energy filled, cuddly two year old I know. From the moment I knew I was having a little boy, I couldn’t contain my excitement. He truly completed our family the moment he was born and I am beyond thankful he is in our lives. He keeps me active and on my feet all day long with his excessive amounts of energy and dare devil tendencies. He is constantly awing me with his kind heart and loving gestures, always thinking of others before himself. He has grown a bit of an obsession with Thomas the Train and it’s a rare moment to find him without a toy train in his hand! But I must say, after growing up in a family of four daughters, it’s so nice to have Tonka trucks and matchbox cars to trip over instead of Barbies.


Thank you for taking a little time to get to know me, I hope you enjoyed reading. Feel free to comment with any questions or if you want to know more about me! I look forward to getting to know you all as well!