Baby Adeline: The Newest Member of the Miss Frugal Mommy Family


For those of you that have been following along the past nine months as I share my pregnancy, you will be delighted to know that baby girl is here! On July 22nd I spent a good part of the morning with what I suspected were contractions and after talking to the midwife, she decided it would be a good idea to head to the hospital. So I called my husband and let him know that it may be time! I gave my two adorable kiddos one last hug and explained to them that the next time I see them, they would have a brand new baby sister.

Here is the last photo taken right before leaving for the hospital, I apologize for the poor quality, as it was taken on a mobile device and we were all pretty anxious at the moment. At this point in life I was a very exhausted mama that was now at 39 weeks and more than ready for baby.


My husband arrived just moments later, grabbed the hospital bags and I followed him to the car… hesitantly as I was still unsure this was real labor. Upon arriving at the hospital, they ran some tests and confirmed that my water had broken and I was indeed in labor. After being admitted and getting things set up in our room, my Dr. decided it would be best to give me a round of antibiotics since I had suspected my water had been leaking since the night before. At around 5:45pm my Dr. returned and broke the rest of my water (this was less than four hours after arriving at the hospital.) Not even fifteen minutes later my husband was pressing the alarm button and yelling to nurses in the hall as I was pushing out a baby! The nurse made it in the room just in time to deliver our beautiful 9lb baby girl! There were a few complications due to her being delivered so fast, so unfortunately both the baby and I spent the first twenty minutes apart as we had separate teams working on us. After that we were reunited and relocated to the recovery room where we would spend the night.

I must say that going from two the three kids was significantly easier than going from one to two. I remember when I had my second baby and anxiously awaiting for my husband and oldest daughter to arrive. I envisioned my daughter walking into the room with arms wide open and stars in her eyes, overwhelmed by the love and joy of her new baby brother. That was far from what actually happened, she was not at all excited and the sound of him crying only made matters worse. Because of this I did not hold any expectations for how my two oldest would embrace their new baby sister. However, when those two walked into the room and spotted their tiny little sister in my arms, their faces immediately lit up with excitement and they could not wait to get closer. My daughter eagerly awaited for me to place the baby in her arms, as my son was ever so gentle reaching for her little toes. I was quite certain he thought he may break her if he touched her, so I reassured him that he was more than welcome to touch her little toes.  

I took this photo just moments after placing baby Adeline in my daughter’s arms… this was everything I hoped and imagined it would be and this moment could not have been more perfect.


The past week has actually been going really great and I am very well rested! I was blessed with such a happy and content baby that sleeps through the night, only stirring  in her sleep when she needs to nurse. The two older kids have adjusted amazingly well with the new baby at home, it’s as if she has always been apart of our family. The only sad part of this past week was saying goodbye to my mom, which I have been an emotional wreck about! We moved to Georgia in February, leaving behind all of our family and friends back in Maine where we grew up. My mother visiting this month was the first visit since we had moved and having her stay with us for a few weeks was amazing. Saying goodbye was extrememly hard and I cried for days… it was a constant reminder of how much I missed my family and how I have still not adjusted to living so far away from them. I am so thankful for the time we spent while my mom was here and am looking forward to her next visit!

So that is where I have been this past week! I hope you enjoyed reading about our new baby girl, enjoy these photos that highlight a few of our favorite moments since bring her home!






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  1. I am so so happy for your family! She is gorgeous and this is a beautifully written post. Congratulations! !

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