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Art Alternatives: Children’s Art Activity Easel Review

A special thanks to Art Alternatives for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with products for free in exchange for an honest review!

Art Alternatives: Children's Art Activity Easel Review

About Art Alternatives

“Art Alternatives is dedicated to providing you with affordable, quality art supplies. For everyday essentials, they’re the smart alternatives to high-priced name brands.”

About the Children’s Art Activity Easel

“Constructed of solid pine, this easel features large trays on both sides and generously sized 23-1/4″ x 23-1/4″ white board and chalkboard surfaces as well as a hidden paper roll that feeds over either side. It can be converted to a table top easel with attached rubber feet for surface protection. The adjustable legs accommodate users of different heights or can be adjusted from 46″ to 54″ as a young artist grows. The sturdy, washable bright red baskets provide convenient and ample built-in storage space. Light assembly required.”

Art Alternatives: Children's Art Activity Easel Review

My Review

Keeping your kids entertained and happy during the summer break can be a tedious task and requires a lot of creativity. Both of my children really love getting their hands messy and creating beautiful art pieces. However, cleaning the mess can be less than desirable for me and the hassle of it was becoming tiring. We typically use the dining room table for crafts and by the end of the day I find myself having to quickly scrape off glue, glitter and paint while I try to get dinner cooked. After doing this numerous times and deciding it was just not the appropriate place for crafts anymore, I concluded that my children would really benefit from an easel. So began my search and quite frankly, I found myself disappointed with the selections online. You see my children are three and eight, which meant I needed to find one that was suitable for both their ages, but unfortunately I was only finding ones geared towards younger kids. Just when I thought my search was over and I would have to continue using the dining room table, I stumbled across and amazing website called Art Alternatives! I instantly fell in love with their beautiful Children’s Art Activity Easel and knew this is exactly what I had been searching for!

Art Alternatives: Children's Art Activity Easel Review


The most important feature about this easel, that made it absolutely perfect for our family, was the fact that it was two sided. The Children’s Art Activity Easel contains a dry erase board on one side, and a chalk board on the other. The reason this feature was so important to me is because this would allow my two children to share and use the easel at the same time without getting in each others way. My oldest is clearly more advanced and further along developmentally when it comes to arts and crafts, so it can be quite frustrating for her to have to share and work together with her little brother. Then I have my youngest son that very much looks up to his sister and wants to do everything that she does. This easel allows them to be close and both participate in painting or coloring, without taking over each others personal space. As you can see from the image below, my children are also very fond of this feature and really enjoy using the easel together!

Art Alternatives: Children's Art Activity Easel Review


I absolutely love the storage bins at the bottom of this easel and it has made it so much similar when it comes to getting started. No longer must my children depend on me to get bins down from the craft closet and start setting things up. With the easel they can simply walk right up to it and start working on their favorite type of craft. These bins are quite roomy and can support and hold a lot of craft supplies for the kids. They bins also washable and easy to clean up when they start to get a dirty from the little artists messy hands. The kids are no longer having piles of bins and craft supplies scattered all across the dining room table because the bins can hold everything they need. This is a much more organized and fun way to color, paint and draw without losing track of the supplies or the art supplies getting in the way.

Art Alternatives: Children's Art Activity Easel Review

There are very large and supportive trays on both sides of the easel that provide amble amount amount of space for the supplies being used at the moment. I prefer to keep the chalk in the tray at all time so that my three year old son can color whenever he wants to. This has been a fantastic way for him to practice his independence and learn to entertain himself while I am busy with something. I know that he really loves that he is able to do a craft like this on his own without depending on me to set it up for him.

Art Alternatives: Children's Art Activity Easel Review

As if this easel could not be any more amazing, it also includes a hidden paper roll in the center of it. Simply pull and feed the paper over the top and your child now has access to drawing. We have always used these rolls of paper across the floor, which always  resulted in it getting trampled on, wrinkled and ripped… ultimately causing us to waste a lot of paper. The easel allows us to use the roll of paper on either side of the easel for a much more organized and relaxing coloring/drawing session. My children have really utilized this feature and I am so excited to be saving on craft supplies!Art Alternatives: Children's Art Activity Easel Review

Art Alternatives also has a vast selection of art supplies for both children and adults. Their Children’s Easel Accessory Set provides everything your children will need to stock the easel with supplies and get started creating masterpieces. The supplies are designed with little artist in mind and allow for a much easier clean up for the parents. overall a really great kit that partners perfectly with the easel!

Art Alternatives: Children's Art Activity Easel Review

Art Alternatives: Children's Art Activity Easel Review

This is overall the best and most versatile easel that I have ever had the pleasure of owning and I am really looking forward to all it will provide for my children this summer. The easel is high quality, very sturdy and will undoubtedly last for many years. The easel has already provided hours of fun and excitement for my children and I just know this is something that is going to be utilized well beyond the summer months. I highly recommend this easel if you are looking for one that is appropriate for children of all ages!

Art Alternatives: Children's Art Activity Easel ReviewArt Alternatives: Children's Art Activity Easel Review

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  1. I wish I had read this review before purchasing the ECR4 kids art easel on Amazon. It came with 2 legs missing. Nobody answers the customer service phone line. Even still, it isn’t worth the $70 on Amazon. Bad product.

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