A Safe Way to Keep The Bugs Away


Our family loves being outdoors and we spent a significant amount of time enjoying our large backyard. Unfortunately with warmer weather we have officially entered mosquito season and we are getting attacked relentlessly any time we are in the yard now.  Just last weekend we spent a few hours cutting up some branches from the yard and dragging them over to the fire pit. I must have slapped at my arms and legs dozens of times to keep those pesky mosquitoes off. Sadly I am still paying the consequences a week later as my legs are covered in extremely itchy mosquito bites! I am very cautious of what i choose to put on our skin, I am not going to just spray any old bug spray on my skin or my children’s. Thankfully I have found the perfect product that makes keeping the bugs away safe for the entire family!

The youngest of my three children could spend all day long in the yard with her sidekick Duke. She isn’t just running around the yard, this kid and her dog are digging in the dirt, climbing tree branches, and running through bushes. While protecting our dog is as simple as giving him his heart-worm meds, protecting my toddler isn’t as simple, the last thing I want to do is spray her skin with chemicals! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it… and much of what we place on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream… yeah it’s pretty scary when you really think about that, am I right? That is why our family chooses to use Guardian Wilderness, a plant-based, non-toxic alternative to DEET-based repellents. This product  is proven to repel mosquitoes for up to 8 hours and ticks for up to 4 hours.

 A Safe Way to Keep The Bugs Away
The number one reason we prefer to use Guardian is because of the fact that it is completely plant based. I know each time I spray my family with Guardian, they are using a product that is completely safe and non-toxic. Another major factor is that it does not contain DEET and the plant-based formula is safe for us to use around outdoor equipment. Something for you to think about… DEET actually damages and corrodes plastics, nylon gear, and some clothing and painted surfaces… is that something you really want to be putting on you and your family’s skin!?

A Safe Way to Keep The Bugs Away

You are probably asking yourself right now, well what makes this Guardian repellent so effective anyway? Guardian actually contains a citrus-vanilla scent which comes from the essential oil ingredients, this scent is known to repel misquotes and ticks.

A Safe Way to Keep The Bugs Away

Guardian is highly effective against mosquitoes and ticks, but lasts (up to 8 hours for mosquitoes and up to 4 hours for ticks) without the need for frequent reapplication. So no more chasing around the kids every 20 minutes trying to spray them down, hehe! I mean does my two year old really look like she wants to slow down?!

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  1. Hey, great post. My wife is always so mad at those bugs hah. Well, to be honest I’m a bit too, so thanks for sharing it!

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