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7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Family’s Immune System

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7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Family's Immune System

As a mother of three children it is a top priority to make sure that I am doing what I can to keep them happy and healthy. With colder weather comes the spreading of germs and kids getting sick. There are some really safe and simple ways to boost your family’s immune system and I am so thrilled to share them with you today! Your child’s best defense against winter colds is making sure to help them develop a healthy and strong immune system. This is not as difficult as it make seem and may only require a few easy changes in your life.

7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Family's Immune System

(1.)Getting enough sleep throughout the week and making sure to manage stress is one very vital factor to a healthy immune system. Sleep deprivation and stress will result in an increase of the hormone called cortisol and prolonged elevation of this hormone suppresses your immune function. I have a seven month old so I completely understand that a good nights sleep isn’t always possible. But really making sure to take care of yourself and taking advantage of extra sleep is so important because a healthy momma means a happy family!

(2.)You are also going to want to avoid tobacco smoke, and if you are a smoker you should really consider kicking that awful habit. Tobacco smoke undermines your basic immune defenses and raises the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia in everyone, and middle ear infections in kids. My father in law is a heavy smoker and every single winter, he gets a cold and then ends up in the hospital with pneumonia. There is no denying that smoking and being exposed to tobacco smoke causes far too many health concerns!

(3.)Making sure you drink a modest amount of alcohol and avoid consuming an excessive amount is also one way you can boost your immune system. Excessive consumption of alcohol can impair the immune system and increase vulnerability to lung infections. So stick to your one glass of wine or a few beers because a morning hangover is not the only negative aspect of heavy drinking!

(4.)It goes without saying that eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds is essential and it will also provide your body with the nutrients your immune system needs. Boosting fruit and vegetable intake is such an easy way for your family to stay healthy! 

(5.)This can be somewhat tricky during the winter months, but making sure to get plenty of sunlight is also a great way to boost your immune system. Sunlight actually triggers the skin’s production of vitamin D. and a 10-15 minute exposure is healthy enough exposure. Low vitamin D levels can also put you at a greater risk of respiratory infection. Even if you sit by a sunny window to read a book, or play some games with the kids, getting that sun during the winter months is possible, just get creative.

(6.)I remember the first time someone suggested to me that I chew on some garlic when I told them I wasn’t feeling well. I thought this was completely silly and could not imagine just chewing on a clove of garlic! After more research I discovered that garlic is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent and immune booster. We now keep garlic in the kitchen all of the time, cooking it with all of our meals and chewing on some when we suspect we’re getting sick. Just remember that heating up garlic reduces its immune booster potency, so adding fresh pieces after the meal is cooked is the best option.

7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Family's Immune System

(7.)As a mother that nurses her infant exclusively, I have to be cautious about what I consume. My baby girl is also too small to take practically any of the children’s medicine available on the store shelves. This winter I did much research on things I can take while nursing that will boost both mine and my baby’s immune system. That is when I discovered probiotics and its amazing benefits! Studies have actually shown that probiotics reduce the incidence of respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. 

“LiviaOne Daily Liquid Probiotics provides the vital balance needed for optimal health. It aids the gut flora in your digestive system to breakdown and absorb food and nutrients the body needs. LiviaOne Daily Liquid Probiotic microwarrior’s good bacteria colonize and crowd out the bad bacteria, keeping your body balanced and in optimal working order. They are formulated to super activate their natural bio-production of beneficial substances that support and super boost the immune system against ineffective agents like yeast overgrowth, viral and bad bacteria components, mold and fungus”

I have been taking probiotics for almost a year now and I am telling you with complete and total honesty… me, my husband and our three children have not been sick a single time this winter! My two older children have had mild cases of the sniffles here and there, but literally… no colds, bugs, fevers or anything that would keep them home from school! My sweet baby girl is seven months old and since I take daily probiotics she consumes them through my breastmilk and she has never been sick since being born! The LiviaOne Daily Liquid Probiotics are amazing and I can sneak them into everything my children drink because it has no taste. I am so happy to have discovered such a safe way to boost my family’s immune system and we have never been so healthy during the winter!

7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Family's Immune System

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  1. I didn’t realize that vitamin D could put you at a greater risk for respirator infection. This is something that people need to conscientiously make an effort with during the long dark days of winter.

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