10 Tips For A Smoother Morning Routine With Kids

Getting two kids ready for school by 6:50am with a toddler and puppy to entertain during the process sometimes leaves me pulling out my hair. There are so many nights I am exhausted and just want to go to bed and immediately regret it the next morning with nothing is prepared for the day. I have learned time and time again that getting everything ready the night before is always the better option, no matter how tired you are… push through and get it done! You are more likely to make mistakes and forget things if you are rushing around half asleep in the morning while trying to get the kids off to school. If you are tired of the hectic morning routine, then you are in luck because we have put together some great tips for a smoother morning routine!

Tip #1: Get as much done the night before as you can

As I mentioned previously, try to get everything done the night before! Pack lunches and book bags. We also lay out outfits for the kids the night before, so I am not running around in the morning trying to find a pair of matching socks!

Tip #2: Get the kids to bed as early as possible

This is pretty much a given… getting the kids to bed earlier provides them with more hours of sleep and they will feel better rested in the morning. I know that if my kids go to bed 10-20 minutes later than they normally do, they are a complete wreck in the morning! Life is busy, I get that, but getting those kids to bed early and consistently makes for a better morning.

Tip #3: Wake up before your kids

I always get up about 10-15 minutes before the kids need to be up. This allows me some time to get last minute things done without having to deal the craziness of getting the kids ready. This is also the perfect time to enjoy that first cup of fresh brewed coffee. This is precisely what gives me that burst of energy in the morning to tackle getting the kids off to school on time.


Tip #4: Gently wake up your kids

Kids never respond happily to being woken up abruptly and it really sets the mood for the morning. I have found that waking them up with a snuggle, some kisses, or a silly teddy bear that loves to tickle necks provides a gentle way to help your child rise and shine. When children wake up happy and smiling, they are more likely to be cooperative in getting ready.

Tip #5: Designate an area for school stuff

Designate an area for all your child’s essentials so that you can eliminate the craziness of trying to locate stuff while trying to get out of the door. Shoes, backpacks, car keys, cell phones, purses, etc., should all be placed in this area every day, always, so they are always in place and ready for action. Not having to hunt down keys or other last-minute essentials is a time saver!

Tip #6: Make breakfast simple, healthy and something you know your kids enjoy

Never experiment with a new breakfast on a school morning… it is just asking for a disaster. Kids love routine in consistency, so make sure to provide with a breakfast you already know they love (leave trying new foods for the weekends.) Stick to simple meals and preferably ones that are good for on the go.

Tip #7: Have backpacks, shoes and coats ready the night before

My son has a habit of kicking his shoes off in the car and then running out of the vehicle shoeless once home. There have been lots of shed tears in the morning because he can’t locate his favorite shoes in the morning. We have found it absolutely essential to locate shoes, coats, backpacks and lunchboxes the night before so we aren’t running around to find them in the morning.

Tip #8: Put a clock in your child’s room

I have noticed on the mornings my son does not want to get out of bed, he will only start perking up once he hears me shout out the time. I decided we should put clocks in the kid’s bedrooms, that way they can physically see the time and realize that they should probably start getting ready for school.

Tip #9: Play some music

By habit I always turn on the news in the morning so I can catch up on what’s happening in the world. I had someone recommend playing some music in the morning and wow… I wish I had thought of this sooner! Kids always seems to be in a happier and more cheerful mood when we get ready alongside some good tunes!

Tip #10: Reward your child for getting ready early

Whatever your kid loves (watching TV, playing on the computer, reading a book) use it as a reward for when they get ready and ahead of schedule, says Brooke. This has been a great way to get my 6 year old son to hustle a bit more in the morning!

I hope this post is a great resource for getting you and your kids on a less hectic and more smooth and happy morning routine. Everyone should start there days of fabulous, so let’s get back to a stress free morning routine!


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