Your Guide to Stress-Free Family Travel

Traveling with children can seem like the worst nightmare to the majority of parents, while others happily embrace family travel. Once there is some careful preparation put in place, traveling with children is really rewarding and enables you to create very precious memories with them.

Your Guide to Stress-Free Family Travel

Pre Planning

Having a plan put in place will equal a smoother traveling journey. Have the kids bag pre packed with the clothes they require and toys/tools to keep them occupied for the journey. Choosing the right bag to store valuable items for carrying on board will make your life a lot easier, especially with kids. There are some great options on the market luggage wise however a versatile, 3 in one bag is the preferred choice. A bored child can quickly turn into a grumpy one so having packed all their favorites in a carry on is sure to solve a potential tantrum phase.

Pack any required medication

Traveling will mean children are removed out of their comfort zone. Often when going to another country, the food will be vastly different and could cause upset stomachs for the majority of children. Be prepared for these kind of situations by packing medications your child needs in case they are not available in the country you are traveling to. Better safe than sorry, as they say!

Plan the flight time to coincide with your children’s bedtime

Children need their routines and where possible especially their bedtime routines. So if you can coordinate a flight that is similar timing to your child’s bedtime, you can hope and pray they will sleep throughout the flight. Pack iPad’s with lots of games pre-loaded on them just in case they are having difficulty drifting off. Games on iPad’s are also the ultimate way to keep children quiet and amused. No one enjoys a screaming child on a flight, no matter what way you look at it!

Top Tip- Put the children into their pajamas before boarding the flight, that way they will naturally adjust into thinking and feeling like it’s time for bed.

Sit children beside the window seat

To avoid having to chase your children up and down the plane, keep them as far away from the aisle seat as possible. Just consider when the food carts are going by and those little hands are trying to grab anything in sight. No one enjoys that messy outcome, especially not the Air Hostess.

 Bring Surprises to distract them

Big and small kids love surprises no matter how little or large they may be. We are also guilty! This is a particularly clever idea if you are embarking on a long haul flight with kids. Wrap up a new toy that you know they would love or even a bag of their favorite jelly sweets. If can also be an excellent way to bribe them to behave if you “promise” them a surprise if they are well behaved on the flight.

So there you have some simple actions to put into play when you want a stress free travel experience with your little ones!

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