What To Know About The Latest Dog Food Trends

Currently, pet lovers and owners are interested in the health and wellbeing of their animal friends. As such, the pet food market has seen an unexpected growth. Current trends within this sector highlight that pets are more than animals. Most millennials consider their pets to be some “practice” before they have children. The U.S expects its pet food market to reach more than $30bn in 2022, while the global pet food market experiences an annual growth rate of 5%. Experts say that this is the only segment that will expand more than 2% within the next five years. Several companies, such as the Farmer’s Dog, have seen this potential and launched their pet product brands. Here is what you should know about the latest dog food trends.


  • Humanization. Current pet owners consider their pets to be part of their families. These people refer to their pets as their “children” or “fur babies.” As such, humanization is among the key trends that drive the pet food industry today. Pet owners now look for the same quality food to feed their pets as they would want for themselves. Manufacturers have noticed this trend and have come up with a range of food quality that resembles human food. Such innovations include Natural Instinct Fish Fingers, Sheba Classic Soup range, and others. Additionally, some manufacturers have included trendy ingredients to create a pet food that appeals to consumers.



  • Quality, premium Food. Humanization has also triggered the demand for high-quality and premium pet food. According to experts, pet owners are no longer worried about the cost of pet food. Instead, they are more concerned with the quality of the food. Most of America’s pet owners admit that they can sacrifice their luxuries to afford high-quality food for their pets. As such, the retail sale of high-quality and premium pet food has increased over the past ten years.



  • Wellness. As pet lovers get more interested in the health of their pets, they have also increased their expenditure on nutritious pet food. Pet owners now want more specialized pet food. Additionally, pet owners are now taking notice of their pet’s allergies and intolerances. Since 2016, studies show that there is a 75% increase in the demand for hypoallergenic food blends. As such, pet food manufacturers have to cater to this trend by introducing categories such as puppy, weight control, and hairball control.



  • Natural and Organic food. Consumers also take into consideration the ingredients in their pet food. Since organic and natural foods are popular choices among humans, pet owners want the same for their pets. People expect their pet food to have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. According to the Organic Pet Food Market report, the global organic pet food market will see tremendous growth. Brands have realized this trend, and they have come up with a range of natural and organic pet products.


As you can see, pet food trends tend to mirror human food trends. Make sure you know what is trending to ensure your pet gets the care it requires.

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