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Protect Your Smart Device In Style

A special thanks to The Case Doctor for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Protect Your Smart Device In Style

About the Case Doctor

“The idea for The Case Doctor was born the day our three-year-old son discovered his first iPad game. While he learned quickly how to navigate the basic “ins” and “outs” of the device, he did not understand the concept of its fragility resulting in a shattered screen and a hysterical child. Upon researching child protective cases for our now fixed device, we noticed the growing variety of products out there for tablets and cell phones. Suddenly, it clicked; we had to part of this business front, combining phone and tablet protection with style. We are a family of five who are proud to call Philadelphia home. Serving customers locally, nationally, and internationally, our goal is to deliver excellence in all areas of our work. For quality and safety assurance, we sample test all of our items in-house. TCD gives you affordable, quality products with exceptional customer service. “

Protect Your Smart Device In Style

We are a very tech savvy family that use our smart devices on a daily basis for both educational and entertainment purposes. For myself I will use my iPad for blog work, keeping u with social media, entertain with a few fun games (*cough* Pants vs. Zombies *cough*) as well a stay up to date with my latest Netflix series. I bring my iPad with me almost everywhere in the house, I even use it as my alarm clock in the morning and needless to say, I am quite dependent on it. The kids have their own devices with some heavy duty cases, so I don’t exactly need one to handle being dropped down a flight of stair. Ideally I just want one that allows me to use it on a daily bases, while keeping it protected from normal wear and tear. I recently has the opportunity to review the gorgeous rotating 360 leather flower case from The Case Doctor and I instantly fell in love with it! Aside from it’s beautiful and unique style, being able to rotate it has made using my iPad around the house incredible convenient.

Protect Your Smart Device In Style

I am especially fond of the elastic band the holds this case shut, it makes bringing my iPad with me on-the-go stress free, as I don’t have to worry about it opening in my bag. As you can see fro the images in this review, you can place your device in both a landscape or portrait position, depending on your preference. There are three different indents to place your device in, allowing you place it at different angles. I am glad to have three angle options to place my device in, however wish they were a bit more secure. This is ideal for movie watching and such and are perfect if that is what you find yourself doing mostly with your iPad. Typing and playing games can become a bit difficult, as my iPad has a difficult time staying in place if I tap on the screen to hard. I believe if the indents were a bit deeper that would resolve the issue, but other than that I have no other complaints. The case is so beautiful and I am extremely pleased with the design. I have purchased several covers for all of our devices, so I have a good idea of how much they cost. I have to say that I am incredibly shocked at how inexpensive The Case Doctor’s cases are… and at such great quality! I was not expecting such a quality cover for only $16.99, that is a steal in my opinion!

Protect Your Smart Device In Style

Overall I am impressed and happy with my case and believe this would make an excellent present for someone in need of one. There are so many great options, designs and colors available to fit your personality and style. Whether you need a case for your smart phone, iPad or MacBook, The Case Doctor has what you are looking for!

Protect Your Smart Device In Style

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