Investing In Your Dream House? Here’s Why You Should Get a Contractor ’s License First

When you become a parent, your biggest responsibility is putting a roof over your family’s heads. Might as well invest in a dream house that you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life, right?  Great thinking, but a dream home for many parents is out of budget. Investing in a dream house can take a huge toll on savings that might affect you later, especially if you hire a contractor to do all the work.  Read More

Children’s Mattress Guide: How to Choose a Mattress for your Child

Childhood is the time of extreme and essential physical and mental changes, most of which occur when your child sleeps. It goes without saying that sleep is vital to your child’s overall health. Having the right mattress ensures a good night’s sleep. It can help encourage deep sleep cycles, which are necessary for good health. It also helps to support your child’s posture during sleep to ensure bone strength. Since there are so many mattress Read More

5 Steps To Take To Become Self Published

Self-publishing your book is an exciting process, you already know that, almost as exciting as actually writing it. The process itself though can be very daunting if you haven’t done it before, how do you even go about it? Seeing as you are already here, I may as well tell you, and it’s easier than you probably think it is. Write It This sounds perfectly obvious, but it doesn’t make it any less accurate does Read More

Which is better: English Bulldog or French Bulldog?

Both the English Bulldog and the French Bulldog are hugely popular breeds, and many believe they are hugely similar too. But here’s your first fact, while both are undoubtedly brilliant, these are very different breeds. So the question is not which is better, but which is better for you! French Bulldog and English Bulldog Breed Basics They both have the name Bulldog so they are basically the same right? Well yes and no. The typical Read More

The Best 4th Of July Party Recipes

Fourth of July is a little over a week away and if you plan on hosting a party, it is time to start thinking about recipes! I have searcher Pinterest for hours trying to find the best 4th of July party recipes… and here is what I came up with! You will find side dishes, appetizers/side dishes, main dishes, drinks and desserts. Whatever you decide to make this year, I hope this round up is Read More

How Is CBD Hemp Oil Helpful in Daily Life?

CBD has been known to support overall physical and mental well being, as well as promotes a sense of relaxation. Before we dive into how CBD can promote wellness in your life, let’s go over what CBD actually is and how it interacts with the body. What Is CBD Hemp Oil? CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found naturally in hemp plants. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for setting the baseline activity levels of our Read More

Nursing Mom Must Haves Giveaway

I have recently teamed up with Medela to share with you the four items that in my opinion… every expectant mother should have on their list of must have nursing items! You can check out my full review of each product in our review post.  If you are someone you know is expecting and has plans to nurse, take a peak at the image down below, which features all four of the must have nursing items.  Read More

Nursing Mom Must Haves

A special thanks to Medela for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!  I am so proud to share that I have successfully nursed all three of my children over the one year mark, it was no easy task but well worth the sacrifice. With another little one due in October, I plan on nursing with this baby as well and it had me thinking Read More

Laser Tag Fun All Year Round!

A special thanks to Kidzlane for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review! #kidzlane #kidzbeingkidz #nesstoy I am always looking for ways to keep the kids busy at home… something that requires them to get on their feet and move! I recently discovered the Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game and my two youngest kids having been having an absolute blast with them so far this summer. They are great Read More

Top Signs Your Dog May Have Anxiety & How To Relieve It

Dog owners can attest that their four-legged friends are often a source of comfort and joy. Dogs can bring out the best in people and they are just fun to be with. But there are times when your dog might feel anxious. Dog anxiety may occur in at least two scenarios. One is because of a situation where your dog becomes afraid, like during a thunderstorm or even going to the vet or getting groomed. Read More

The Connection Between the Pediatric Dentist and Your Baby’s Health

Many parents are startled to realize the significance of the connection between the pediatric dentist and a healthy baby. Just as you take your child to the doctor for immunizations and health assessments, it’s vital that you consider the pediatric dentist another route to baby wellness. According to the expert team at Colgate, taking your little one to the pediatric dentist not only helps children develop great oral hygiene habits, but they are also act Read More

Four Ways You Can Earn Money With Your House

You spent a lot of money building, fixing, and maintaining your house. It doesn’t have to cost you cash, though. With a bit of creativity on your part, you can turn your home into a moneymaking machine. Here are four ideas to get you started. Start a Home-Improvement Blog If you are a DIY junkie and love doing home renovations, why not start a home-improvement blog to feature all your hard work? You can write Read More