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Nuby Dual-Flo Nickelodeon Printed Hard Spout Cup Review

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Dual-Flo™ Nickelodeon™ Printed Hard Spout CupHard spout cup9 months +9oz / 266mlDual-Flo™:  the adjustable valve allows this cup to be No-Spill™ or free flowFun Nickelodeon™ printsA seamless transition to true straw drinkingEncourages natural drinking action & oral developmentPerfect for on the go drinkingBPA FREEAvailable at these MorningBeallsFamily DollarRoss Dress For LessDD’s DiscountsFred’s

Product Description


The Nuby Nickelodeon printed hard spout cup features the Dual-flo valve that can be adjusted to control the flow of the liquid. The easy to use spout is hard and robust perfect for toddlers with newly formed sharp teeth.


My Review


My son’s preference for the type of sippy cups he uses is slowly changing as he is getting older. With that being said, I decided now would be a great time to test out a hard spout cup with him. He has been showing more interest in using bigger kid cups, but his fascination with dumping water out refrains me from officially making the big switch to regular cups. I also want to have a cup that he can bring with him on the go and I don’t have to worry about it spilling in my diaper bag. So when the bright and fun Nickelodeon printed cup arrived, my son’s face lit with excitement at this new type of cup that he had just discovered. I have owned quite a bit of these types of cups in the past (when my oldest daughter was a toddler) and one problem I always had was that the cover never properly screwed on. I had immediate flash backs of all the times I assumed I had screwed the cap on my daughter’s cup properly, only to find the front of her shirt soaked because it wasn’t. I am happy to report that this is in no way shape or form an issue with the Nuby brand of this cup and I am so happy not to fight that battle again, hehe. This new cup has become a favorite for my son and myself as well! You can literally turn this cup upside down, shake it all about, and not a drop will come out. It makes traveling or running errands that much easier! If your child is ready to move up to a more advanced sippy cup, but not quite ready to be trusted with a regular cup, then this is for you! I recommend it 100%!

This amazing product can be found at:

  • Tuesday Morning
  • Bealls
  • Family Dollar
  • Ross Dress For Less
  • DD’s Discounts
  • Fred’s

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