Looking to Call Texas Home? Here Are Some Places To Consider

Just the idea of moving might make your head spin, skin crawl, or bring unwanted memories of past attempts to mind. As terrible the actual process of moving can be, finally having a new place to call home can be awesome. So, if you’re looking to pick up your life and settle down in the lone star state of Texas, here are some areas to consider.

Trying Before You Buy in Austin

If you’re looking to just sell everything and start new or if you just have a little to begin with, renting one of the many furnished apartments Austin has to offer might be for you. There are various layout options to choose from, ranging from small studio apartments to three-bedroom setups available. With flexible leasing and a number of other services at your disposal, a rental property in Austin just might be what you need to get started in a new city.

Giving Lubbock a Try

If you’re looking for something a little more northern and in the western portion of Texas, Lubbock could be in the cards. Plus, with new ordinances in place, you could score yourself a lakefront rental property for some fun in the sun on your days off. It could be a welcomed change for someone moving from an area dominated by a cold climate. Lubbock might be not as well known as other Texas locations such as Austin, Dallas, Houston or San Antonio but don’t let that sway you as Lubbock has plenty of its own charms.

Plano, an Awesome Place to Live

As the header implies, Plano, Texas has landed on the lists of the best places to live in the United States multiple times. It’s positioned just north of Dallas and northeast of Fort Worth, so traveling to other well-known areas would be easy. Plano has a lot to offer though, and there are many reasons to move there, like the availability of good jobs, education, and healthcare and a thriving nightlife to keep you entertained. As there’s something for everyone in Plano, you might just find the area to be accommodating enough to call it your forever home.

The Woodlands

So you’ve decided to move and you’ve heard good things about the area called the Woodlands. If you’re in the market to buy and a home in the low 300’s is in your ballpark, this location could be a keeper. A place ranked on the list of best places to live, the Woodlands is a great place to call home and raise a family if you have or are looking to start one. With superb schools and housing, settling down here would be easy. The Woodlands has a lot to offer in regards to entertainment and nightlife but, if you need a little more, you could always take a trip to Houston for additional options.

Did Someone Say Houston?

Maybe instead of traveling into Houston from neighboring cities, you could just call Houston home. Yes, it’s a big city but Houston brings a number of opportunities that a smaller city could only hope for, such as a vibrant nightlife, booming employment scene and impressive healthcare. If you’re not familiar with the area, take a trip or maybe even rent before you buy. No matter which you decide, calling Houston your home could make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

In Closing

Texas is filled with wonderful areas to call home. Depending on you or your family’s needs, there is something for everyone in this large state. Take the plunge and set up a vacation if you’re hesitant. Chances are you’ll regret having to leave once you’ve spent a few days in Texas.

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