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Lion Wristy Buddy Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Wristy Buddy for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Lion Wristy Buddy Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

About Wristy Buddy

“Wristy Buddy is designed for babies who haven’t developed the motor skills to hold traditional teething objects. Babies that can’t grasp toys can manipulate Wristy Buddy. It is made of absorbent and non-toxic materials to help keep little faces and clothing dry. Its various textures and colors engage and stimulate. It is easily accessible to your teething baby and is more sanitary than traditional teething objects.”

BPA-Free, Lead-Free, Phthalate-Free and Non-Toxic certified by a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission approved laboratory

Lion Wristy Buddy Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

There comes a time in your baby’s life when they start to realize that there are objects around them. They then take the next big milestone and start reaching for those irresistible items all around them. However, baby is also still trying to learn how to use those two tiny hands and grasping things can be a bit difficult. That is where the adorable and amazing Wristy Buddy comes in handy! Simply slip this fun, bright and entertaining teething toy on your baby’s wrist where it can never get lost. A textured teething loop is perfect for baby to chew on and ease their teething pain. The crinkly red tab allows baby to experience a texture that makes noise, giving them plenty of stimulation. The cute and cuddly lion is the perfect fabric for “drool patrol” and will make sure baby’s face stays dry. In addition to being a extremely efficient and entertaining teething toy for baby, it is also safe for their little mouths. Wristy Buddy products are “BPA-Free, Lead-Free, Phthalate-Free and Non-Toxic certified by a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission approved laboratory.” Overall this is a really great product for your new baby that will provide hours of teething fun, I highly recommend it as a must have item!


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19 thoughts on “Lion Wristy Buddy Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. We have a new baby joining us soon.He will be here somtime in the beginning of August and we are all excited.I have already started shopping for the perfect gifts for him and this Wristy Buddy will definitely be going on the list.Thanks for the nice review.

  2. I love Wrist Buddy! I am going to a shower at the end of the month and I would like to have the Lion as an extra small gift. I can hear the “Aws” now.

  3. I really wish that i would have known about these when my little one what small. He was always putting his hands in his mouth. This may have helped that

  4. I’ve used similar products like little booties that rattle with every movement or wrist rattles but this is the best idea I’ve seen. Easy to slip on & has different features…love the teething piece!

  5. The Lion Wristy Buddy looks safe for baby to have in the mouth since it has no BPA. It’s colorful, soft and whimsical. I love the expression on the lion’s face.

  6. Those are adorable! And that’s a great idea. Having worked in daycare, it’s nice to have not-so-drooly faces!

  7. I love the Wristy Buddy! Not only are they all adorable, but I love that they stay on babies wrist rather than on the floor (especially in public places)!

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