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Healthy & Affordable Snack Options

A special thanks to Fruttata & COOKINA for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

Healthy & Affordable Snack Options

So many of us welcome the new year determined to start eating healthy, workout and shed a few unwanted pounds. Some of us may start the year off with a bang, only to slip back into our unhealthy snacking routine just a few shorts months in. We become discouraged with the lack of discipline when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. I have to admit that I fall right into that category and I love my snacks. While I am not at an unhealthy weight, I’m certainly not where I want to be and would love to share with you some healthy and affordable snack options that have helped me to snack healthy! Healthy snacking does not mean you have to chew on tasteless and undesirable foods, you can actually enjoy something full of flavor.

Healthy & Affordable Snack Options

Another bad habit that I often find myself getting into is stopping at a coffee shop or fast food place to grab a snack while out running errands. Not only does this add up over the week, but the majority of the time there are not healthy options on the menu. But hey… a momma of three on the go must eat and stay fueled, am I right? Choosing a snack that is easy to throw in my purse and eat while in the car is ideal. I have found that the fruttata fruit crisps are the perfect solution for avoiding unhealthy snacking while on the go. The sleek, thin and convenient pouches slide right into my purse. They are also very easy to open and eat right out of the bag.

Healthy & Affordable Snack Options

The do not taste bland at all, but are full of flavor with every single bite. While we would all love to be that super star mom with fresh fruit slices ready in seconds, that’s not always manageable. Being able to have this convenient healthy snack and get the serving of fruit my family and I need every day in such a simple way has been great.

Healthy & Affordable Snack Options

Even my four year old son devours these, he will literally beg me for more when he snacks on these. My son thinks he is getting a special treat, while I know he is getting that serving of fruit he needs… it’s a win for everyone!

Healthy & Affordable Snack Options

Another really great way to commit to a healthy and clean diet is to start doing more home cooked meals. I am not talking about those boxed meals with all the ingredients included for you. I want you to let go of all of those freezer meals and welcome some fresh herbs and meat into your lives. You will be surprised how quickly you can transform your eating habits when you are in control of all of the ingredients that go into your meal. Most of us have a hard time cooking home meals because we simply don’t have time, plus the prep and clean up can be a pain. I have to admit that I absolutely despise cleaning dishes, scrubbing pans and loading/unloading the dishwasher. We are big time chicken wing lovers and I often cook them at home, but they leave my pans such a mess, even if I add some tinfoil the liquids always seem to leak on the pan. I recently discovered an amazing trio of reusable nonstick products that have made my life so much easier in the kitchen. I cooked a batch of wings extra crispy this weekend and I am not even exaggerating… all of the mess at the bottom of the pan slid right off from the COOKINA Cuisine. I could not believe how easy it was to clean this thing, I mean a little bit of soap and water and it was as good as new! COOKINA has reusable nonstick sheets for all your baking, cooking and grilling needs so that you can enjoy a convenient cooking experience from the comfort of your own kitchen.



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