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Get Organized For The New Year

A special thanks to Erin Condren for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Get Organized For The New Year

I am overall a very organized person and I get compliments quite frequently on how great the house looks despite having three young kids. I am not afraid to let things go and donate or toss them in the trash, clutter is my enemy. I may have a highly organized home but when it comes to keeping my schedule and daily tasks planned out and in an organized fashion… I fail miserably. I am one of those people that will write something down on the back of junk mail and then proceed to throw it away an hour later. At my home you will find sticky notes, a calendar on the refrigerator and piles of paperwork throughout the kitchen. Missing appointments and forgetting about events is something I do more times than I would like to admit and I think people are starting to get tired of me blaming it on having a new baby, haha! I am getting extremely frustrated with my lack of organization when it comes our family’s schedules and would love to get better at it with the new year. The obvious solution being that I need more items to help with my organization and something that is simple to work with. I recently discovered the fabulous Erin Condren and immediately fell in love with her style and designs. There are full of fun, vibrant and bright colors with unique and trendy designs. I have never been a plain Jane, I love me some “stand out” designs that emphasize your personalty.

Get Organized For The New Year

There was certainly no question about it… I just had to have the Owl Deskpad and could not wait to get my hands on that! This is far better than your average desk pad and allows you to stay much more organized. The deskpad includes a weekly calendar to write down important dates, a to do list, an area to include notes. as well as blank space to doodle on! I love that this deskpad is a weekly one because it allows me to focus more clearly on the immediate tasks and not get overwhelmed with the weeks ahead. I can easily manage my week, keep it organized and clear so that I am no longer missing or forgetting anything.

Get Organized For The New Year

 To take my organization one step further I ordered a pack of the colorful markers so I can easily color code all of my tasks and events. There is nothing like a fresh pack a brand new markers to start your new year off and kick yourself into gear for the new year. This is just another simple and effective way to make your days more organized with your weekly deskpad. These are also designed for the deskpad specifically and the extra-fine fiber point makers have a light, even flow of ink that won’t smear or glob.

Get Organized For The New Year

The blank stickers are yet again another tool in your organization toolbox that are going to keep you in line this year, never missing an appointment again! You can use these to highlight those special events or use them where they could be most useful to you. Either way… these bold and beautiful stickers will be there to make important words stand out. Erin Condren also has a vast selection of gorgeous stickers for multiple purposes. Whether you need gift labels, address labels, planner stickers, iPad stickers or bookplates… they have you covered… literally! I am just in awe of the designs and they are truly going to stand out with the bold and bright colors. So there you have it my friends, my go-to products that are going to help me get organized for the new year!

Get Organized For The New Year

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  1. I would get two life planners one for my best friend and one for myself with matching carry all clutches since we are both mom they would be great for us.

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