Perfect Holiday Gift For The Mom To Be

A special thanks to Medela for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review! Preparing to welcomea new baby into the world is one of the most unforgettable times in a women’s life, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming. I have welcomed four babies into this world and with each child, there was always an abundance of new “must have” baby items on the market. For a Read More

Why Worry About Pregnancy Cycles When You Can Have All In Your Mind

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, which make up 40 weeks. The pregnancy begins from the first day of your last menstrual cycle and lasts until the date you deliver your baby. A lot of changes- physical and mental- affect you during these trimesters. If you are aware of what is going on inside your body, you can manage these changes effortlessly.  How do you know you are pregnant? These days it is very easy Read More

HUGE Sale On Maternity Clothes At Macy’s

This post is sponsored by #MacysMaternity I just had baby number four and I am so happy with how I looked and felt during those months. Many of the clothes I purchased came from Macy’s because they were the most affordable and had some of THE BEST deals around!  If you head over to their website right now, you are going to see that a ton of clothes in the maternity department has been market Read More

Gender Reveal Party On a Budget

You are expecting a little one and it is time to let your family and friends know whether your bundle of joy will be a boy or girl. With a new baby comes excitement but also many new expenses. Don’t worry, here are some great tips on how to have the gender reveal party of your dreams without breaking the bank. Invitations Social media has allowed us the gift of planning and inviting our friends Read More

Maternity Clothes That I Have Been Loving This Pregnancy!

This post is sponsored by #MacysMaternity I officially hit the 32 week mark of pregnancy this past Wednesday and let me tell you… moving around is getting significantly more difficult. This is my first pregnancy that I truly embraced maternity clothes and loved them… I think a lot of that has to with the fact that they are a lot more stylish than when I had my first child over 13 years ago. I actually Read More

The Bjingles Pregnancy Box

A special thanks to Bjingles for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review! Expecting a new baby? Congrats, mama… this is such an exciting time for you! Whether this is your first or fifth, you will always find yourself wondering what are some of the must have items you need during these next 9 months. The Bjingles  box has perfectly summed up what every expectant mom Read More

Nursing Mom Must Haves

A special thanks to Medela for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!  I am so proud to share that I have successfully nursed all three of my children over the one year mark, it was no easy task but well worth the sacrifice. With another little one due in October, I plan on nursing with this baby as well and it had me thinking Read More

8 Effective Acupressure Points to Induce Labor

Pregnancy is a period full of anticipation. Every day is a new day. However, the period when you are getting close to due dates can be really stressful and mother can get really anxious. Since due dates are simply estimates, some parents can expect early labor, while others can expect a slight delay. Experiencing delay is a common thing, but it still gets very worrying. So, what to do in such a situation? Unless advised Read More

Planning To Work Out After Having a Baby? Here Are 6 Things You Need to Know

No matter how your pregnancy went, there’s no denying that it’s a taxing experience on the body. During pregnancy, your feet can grow one shoe size, your ligaments and bones will loosen and shift to accommodate the growing fetus, and your plasma volume will increase by almost 50%! And of course, you will gain weight. Weight gain is a vital component of pregnancy, and there’s no escaping it. However, many women struggle with their body’s Read More

When To Start Using Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy

Stretch marks are normally a concern for most women during pregnancy. Unluckily, genetics play a major role in whether you will get stretch marks on your breasts and belly. Stretch mark creams can aid in keeping your skin soft and moisturized during your pregnancy, enhancing its elasticity. These creams can also minimize the discomfort and tenderness that comes with stretch marks at times. How soon you begin to use stretch mark creams will be your Read More

Home Improvement Checklist: Get Ready For A New Baby

Expecting your first baby is an exciting moment for you, and it’s not surprising that you spend your time planning for the future. Both you and your partner cannot wait to meet your new addition to your family, and you want to make sure that everything’s ready for when he or she will arrive. But welcoming a new baby means that your house has to change, to fit the needs of the little one. Because Read More

6 tips of wearing a saree during pregnancy

Many women face the dilemma of whether to drop the favorite saree attire during pregnancy or continue using them. The belly bump and addition in weight are some of the factors that make some women consider wearing other maternity outfits. During pregnancy, the most important aspect you should not compromise is your comfort. This affects both your health and that of your child. Some women also have concerns about the petticoat being too tight on Read More