Tips For Taking Photos With Your Kid & Dog

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. Because of my partnership with Gerber®, my little one is ineligible to win the Gerber Photo Search or a weekly prize, but you may be eligible so make sure you submit a photo of your baby and/or pet! #GigglesandWiggles #CollectiveBias People are always completing me on the adorable photos I am always posting of my youngest daughter and Read More

What Does Responsible Pet Ownership Really Mean?

Having a pet is not just about having a furry companion at your side when you’re bored or to play with when you’re in the mood. Whether we are talking about a dog, a cat, or any other kind of pet, once you decided to welcome a living being into your life, you are entirely responsible for its fate. But, what does the concept of “responsible pet owner” means to you? Does it mean that Read More

5 Unique Places To Display An Aquarium In Your House

We all have stressful days and very busy schedules. Wouldn’t it be perfect to be greeted by an oasis of calm and relaxation after a long day at the office? Don’t wait any longer and buy an aquarium for your home. To make things a bit more exciting, we’ll show you 5 extremely interesting places to place an aquarium in your house.  Coffee Tables  Who said you should use your coffee table only to place Read More

5 Tips To Caring For A Support Animal

As humans, it is our responsibility to take care of our environment – and that includes all the living beings that preside in them. For thousands of years, we have co-existed with different animals, and eventually, as time went by, we have domesticated a lot of them, including dogs and cats. Dogs, in fact, are dubbed as man’s loyal best friend. And not just dogs, but any types of animals as well. Now, these animals Read More

Preventing Heat Stroke in Your Puppy

Summer is a time of sunshine and outdoor celebration, but it’s also a time of heat waves and soaring temperatures. Responsible pet owners like Maryland Puppies Online want to make sure your puppy stays safe in your new home during the heat, which is why it’s important to recognize and prevent heatstroke in your new pal. Caused by excessive heat and dehydration, canine heatstroke is characterized by heavy panting and rapid heartbeat and can lead to seizures, Read More

How Pets Can Help You Manage Your Depression

  There are many good reasons to own a pet. They make great companions, they provide fun for the family, and they’re always around for you. Another reason why owning a pet can be smart is because pets can help with many mental illnesses, including depression. You should use all the tools you have in the fight against depression. Medication, therapy, and exercise are just a few examples. Pets are another valuable tool, and here’s Read More

5 Things every dog owner must have

When we decide to welcome a new pet into our lives, it is important to think about all the extra items that we are going to have to buy. Items such as cleaning supplies, grooming tools, food, toys, among other things. Overall, we have to think about how to modify our lifestyle to fit an animal in it and make them as happy as possible. Although there are many things you will have to purchase Read More

What To Do When Your Cats Won’t Get Along

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine. About 12 years ago we adopted this tiny little fur-ball that could barely walk across the room. Tiger has been with my husband and I on every journey of our lives, she graciously welcomed three kids to the family and has tolerated them to the best of her ability. However, we really pushed Read More

6 Preposterous Dog Myths That You Need to Stop Believing Right Away

There are quite a few so-called facts about dogs that we all believe to be true. While most are harmless, some of these misleading myths can keep you from properly taking care of your dog. This is why we launched an unbiased fact-checking mission to find out the most ridiculous dog myths that people often consider to be true. You Have to Be an Alpha to Make Your Dog Listen: You have definitely heard this Read More

What Are The Best Pet Toys?

Pet owners benefit from interaction with their pets. They give unconditional love, loyalty, attention, and support. Pets also need communication and entertainment. Toys are called to provide this entertainment. Besides, they improve the pets’ health, their intellectual and emotional well-being. Toys are a great way to provide this mental stimulation while also spending time with your dog and strengthening the bond you have with them. The market is overloaded with an immeasurable number of different Read More

Lovebirds101: How to Keep Them Healthy and Happy?

Lovebirds are charming and curious birds that originated from Africa, and many people love to keep them as pets. Keeping one happy calls for serious commitment and interaction, so you need to find a way to keep the bird busy and satisfied. One idea you could consider is keeping the birds in pairs as this gives them the much needed company and comfort. There are few considerations that you need to have in mind that Read More

Tips For Bringing Your Dog Hiking

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PurinaMysteries #CollectiveBias One way our family really enjoys spending time with our dog is by bringing him on hikes! Not only is this a great way for the entire family to stay active, but is the perfect way to create beautiful memories with your dog. While bringing your dog for a hike sounds like a simple task, there Read More