Warm Their Heart With The Gift Of Tea & Enter The Giveaway!

This promotion is sponsored by Wendy’s Bloggers; all featured products are not affiliated. #giftoftea #TraderJoesHerbalLooseTeaBlends Let the race begin to find the perfect gift for less than $10 for your mom group swap, your kid’s teacher, the mail person, your co-workers and more! A great place to find that gift…Trader Joe’s! From sweet treats to lotions you honestly can’t go wrong. This year it’s all about warming the soul and Trader Joe’s Premium Herbal Loose Tea Gift Read More

Things to Consider While Purchasing Backpack Diaper Bags for the Stylish Mother

Many mothers with children usually like carrying baby staff everywhere they go. The most important thing most mother carry is diapers. This is because you need to change your baby after a short period. Therefore, do you know the best backpack diaper bags that suit your need? I guess you do. But before you know some of the best backpack diaper bags you need to know what things you should consider before you purchase one. Read More

5 Amazing Subscription Boxes to Gift This Christmas

Finding for the ideal gift can be difficult. You may find yourself running around at the last minute trying to find the perfect cologne for your husband or the right video game for your son. Some people are just really hard to shop for. Luckily, more and more options have come about that make gift-giving a little easier, such as subscription boxes. The biggest appeal of these boxes is that they’re a gift that keeps Read More

My Personal Connection With Lung Cancer

Please visit LIVE W.E.L.L. and LVNG With Lung Cancer for more information. Some of my fondest memories from my childhood revolve around my grandmother, she played an important role in my life and I think of her often. She always made sure I felt like the most special little girl in the entire world on my birthday and would treat me to extravagant dinners. She spent Christmas Eve at our home each year and I Read More

Simple Solution For Moving Furniture

Professional movers can tell you about the difficulties they experience while moving and loading furniture. The heavier and bulkier the piece of furniture is, the more difficult it is to move. This dilemma is one that everyone experiences each time they decide to rearrange their furniture or clean under it. Caster wheels are the solution to such a dilemma. They will greatly improve the mobility of even the heaviest and most clumsy of household items. Read More

Winterize Your Backyard For a Fun Family Activity

As the leaves continue to pile up faster than dishes in the sink after a Thanksgiving feast, the pressure to winterize your backyard starts to mount. Of course, the dread that comes with chores often comes from a feeling of fighting an uphill battle. Fortunately, you can winterize your entire backyard quickly and efficiently by turning the project into a game the whole family can enjoy. To get the game going, create a list of Read More

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Angels have always had a starring role to play at Christmas, you will often see them perched precariously on top of decadently decorated trees. But the spiritual beings aren’t just popular at Christmas, they are revered by many. They are considered the epitome of all that is decent and holy- attendants of heaven and messengers of god. Angels and The Christmas Story We know that angels feature in the Christmas story, they were present at Read More

Silver vs Gold: Which Is The Best Jewelry To Buy?

When shopping for jewelry, there’s often one main question that will be the deciding factor, above all others. Gold, or silver? It’s an incredibly important one, too. It’s not like you’re just buying a loaf of bread – you’re buying an expensive item, and every single thing about it must be perfect. Gold and silver are the two most precious jewelry metals in the world, available in everything from rings to bracelets. As a result, Read More

A Couple’s Guide to Choosing the Right Property

The process of buying a property as a couple might not be the smoothest journey ever but it’s worth your dedication. It involves making tough decisions together, which calls for a lot of compromise from both parties. Sometimes the making of those seemingly small decisions might be fun (or not) and it’s also normal to experience some disagreements here and there. Therefore, if you and your spouse are considering investing in a house, condo or Read More

5 Things About Psychic Readings That Could Change Your Perspective In Life

Wherever you go, you will surely see the deception in any way. Sometimes you are just a witness, an observer. There may also be times when you could be the victim. Psychic readings are one of the most used means. Therefore, there are many negative connotations associated with psychic readings. Psychics and Mediums are very similar in their ability to use the vibrations and energies that surround them to clarify past events and predict future Read More

Quick & Easy Meals For Kids

The air is finally cooler here In Georgia and while warm weather activities have subsided, they have quickly been replaced by many fall events. Festivals, sport practices, school events, homework and life make me often dread dinnertime. There are many nights where I find myself exhausted, overwhelmed and with barely enough time to help the kids get homework done… let alone dinner! Whenever I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, I turn Read More

How To Get More Than Your Asking Price For Your Home

You know what you paid for you house, you know what condition it’s in, and you know what the asking price should be for it. Is there any wiggle room? Don’t settle for less than your home is worth by taking every measure possible to receive more than asking price when putting your home up for sale. Invest in Repairs The old adage that you need to spend money to make money is especially correct Read More