3 Things You Can’t Afford To Be Frugal With in the Restaurant Business

You’re bound to come across a stat, which says that “90% of restaurants fail within the first 12 months” if you browse the Internet for enough time. Luckily for all of us, that stat is made up. That doesn’t mean that opening a restaurant is easy. In fact, almost 20% of people close their restaurants after the first year. As the years go by, the percentage of closed restaurants increases. After the first five years, Read More

Making the Shift to a Frugal Mindset

When you think of frugal living, what comes to mind? For many people, frugal means denying yourself pleasure. Maybe there’s a reward in the end, but it’s either the absence of something like debt or it’s so far down the road that it seems impossible to reach. Although many people who think of themselves as frugal might approach it in this way, this is not a sustainable way of life. Instead, think of frugal living Read More

5 Good and Bad Ways to Spend Your Money

Money and savings are topics everyone thinks about often. We need money to live a quality life. We need savings in case of an emergency and to retire. Everyone only has so much money. How do we make sure we are spending it in the best ways possible? Below are some pointers on both good and poor money choices. Good Choices Stocks Stocks are a great way to grow your money. Having an advisor can Read More

The Best Times to Shop for Your Favorite Items

Bargain shopping might not sound glamorous to everyone, but saving money is appealing regardless of who you are. Purchasing items at certain times of the year can really make the difference in your wallet. There will always be times when we will need a new laptop, clothing, or even a new car, but that does not mean that buying full-price items are going to give you the best quality. Throughout the year, there are times Read More

Easy Methods To Live A Greener Life & Save On Your Energy Bills Too

The energy bill. By far, it tends to be the biggest bill that we pay in our home life. In fact, behind mortgaging/rent and our car, it’s our biggest regular bill. It’s no wonder that it’s the most commonly touted reason to start living a green lifestyle. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s the only one. We all know that the way we consume and pollute our world these days just isn’t all that sustainable. Read More

Is it Better to Get Paid Weekly or Biweekly for Taxes?

The new year is well underway, which means one big thing: it’s time to do your taxes again. That’s right, the task that you either look forward to or loathe is at our doorsteps once again. Often, filtering through our tax process this year tends to put us in a particular frame of mind. We think of what we could do this coming year to make next year’s taxes less painful. For example, we might Read More

5 Money-Saving Tips on Clothes for the Whole Family

Maintaining a wardrobe can be pricey, especially when kids are involved. Between work attire, school clothes and apparel for everyday wear, these items can demand a big part of the household budget. That doesn’t even take into account clothes for special occasions, which can often be pricey. Fortunately, you don’t have to dress in drab clothes with no style to save money. The following five strategies are designed to keep everyone in the family looking Read More

Does Pet Insurance Actually Save You Money?

Unless you have huge chunks of money at your disposal, anytime your pet falls sick; then you should consider pet insurance. The insurance covers you, the pet owner, from massive medical bills when your pet gets an injury or falls ill. Insurance policy comes in handy when the unexpected happens to your pet, saving you the agony of spending on costly bills. Minor infections may not be worth taking insurance for them. However, what if Read More

A Bad Credit Score Shouldn’t Hinder Your Plans of Buying a New Car

It’s easy for you to get discouraged from buying a new car or having any other plans that involve financial transactions because of your bad credit score. It’s like a death sentence. Each time you apply for a loan, and the creditor sees that you have a bad credit score, they end up rejecting your application. As terrible as it is, you shouldn’t feel discouraged. Just because you have a low credit score and you Read More

How to Financially Survive in College

As if being far from home and having to get accustomed to all these new people and living conditions were not difficult enough, college students often face financial issues which completely shift their focus from their studies. To help you overcome financial challenges that you are facing as a student, we have come up with a list of tips that will help you improve your finances. Search for scholarships Your college offers many student aid Read More

What Does ‘Transferable Letter of Credit’ Mean?

A transferable letter of credit is an essential tool in business used to facilitate payments to the manufacturer or supplier. According to financial experts, it is a substitute for a confirmed letter of credit or advanced payments. It can also be defined as a letter of credit that allows the initial beneficiary to transfer part or all of the credit to another person. This forms the secondary beneficiary. Furthermore, the person that first accepts the Read More

How to Create Holiday Magic in a Frugal Way

Christmas is a special and magical time of year that provides everyone with the excuse and opportunity to catch up with their loved ones. However, the festive season also brings with it a lot of financial worry and pressure, which can be difficult if money is a little tight. Christmas seems to get bigger every year, and now the average American spends around $600 on the festive season.  However, with Christmas fast approaching, it is Read More