9 Things To Know Before You Buy a Home & How Bennett Lending Can Help

Okay, so buying a home is a pretty massive investment. It is most likely going to be the biggest investment you ever make (unless you win the lottery and decide to buy a mega-yacht). However, before you simply pull on your bathing suit and dive into the bountiful existence that accompanies home-owning, there are certain things you need to do regarding preparation first. But don’t worry, we’re not going to let you figure what these Read More

What to Know Before Buying Your First Home

Finally ready to take the plunge and step onto the property ladder. Want to make sure that your home mortgage loan is approved first time without any fuss? There are several things that you need to do first if you’re going to make that mortgage a reality. Before you talk to a lender, do these things, and you’ll be buying that perfect property in no time at all. Check Your Credit Score When you’re applying Read More

How to Boost Your Travel Budget With Coupon Codes

Scrolling to your social media feed, looking for faraway lands and a lifetime experience. Then you wake up and look at your bank account. and these two don’t really get along? Well, try to travel on a budget. You will save money and you’ll run into exciting adventures. But let’s take a look at some awesome hacks that will change your plans and you’ll be ready to pack your clothes. Let’s start up with off-pick Read More

4 Types of Small Money Emergencies That Can Be Effectively Dealt with a Payroll Loan

The Payroll loan is a type of loan offered based on your employment status. The most suitable payroll loan will provide the borrower instant loan at the lowest cost. In addition to that, the payroll loan must come with a more flexible repayment structure, and the requirements must not be too difficult to meet. The following are 4 types of small money emergencies you can effectively deal with using a payroll loan; Payment for staff Read More

7 Important Ways To Avoid Money Problems & How Hornet Partners Can Help

Managing your money is an ongoing task. You should always be on top of your finances if you want to remain financially healthy. If you neglect your money, you could end up in trouble. Most people worry about money enough as it is, even when they have enough to live comfortably. Adding money troubles to your life, from unpaid bills to overspending, won’t help you to feel any better. If you want to avoid money Read More

Easy Ways to Save Money on Furniture

Furniture is the lifeblood of any home’s décor. From chairs to sofas to desks, one’s furniture choices help set a distinct tone and imbue each area of a home with character. Unfortunately, furniture that aligns with one’s taste doesn’t always align with their financial situation. In many cases, this leads people to settle for less in the furniture department and purchase furnishings with which they’re not entirely pleased. However, this isn’t to say that frugal Read More

Our Guide To The Ultimate Family Holiday On A Budget

When looking for a holiday on a budget it is important to look at every aspect. Whether this is the price of hotels or the cost of flights it is important to shop around to find a price that is right for your budget. When looking for a holiday it is important to not get discouraged, we understand that some of the prices may make online loans seem all the more appealing. However, with our Read More

5 Things To Keep Your Eyes Out For Before Picking Up The Keys To Your New Used Car

It’s exciting, isn’t it? No more walking to the shops in sweltering heat. Begging your roommate to give you a ride to the shops just so that you can get food. Or even worse, paying horrendous uber prices to go visit friends, or even loved ones. It’s finally time for you to get your own set of wheels! But wait, what happens if I choose the wrong car? What happens if the car comes with Read More

How to Stay on Top of Your Finances With Dutchess Partners

Making mistakes in your finances will always cost you. It’s painful to think about all the ways your hard-earned cash would have been spent more wisely. But, being purposeful about how you spend your money requires a lot of discipline. If you don’t really know exactly where your money went in the last month, then you probably need it. Yet you shouldn’t worry about it too much, and you don’t need fancy apps and charts Read More

Reduce Your Power Bill by Applying These 5 Clever Air Conditioning Hacks

When the thermostat keeps creeping up, and you feel like you might never get a decent night’s sleep again, air conditioners can be a godsend. However, running an air conditioner 24/7 in the hottest months isn’t always the most economical thing. An average AC unit will use between 3000 to 5000 watts of power for every hour that it’s used. What that means is that you’re going to see your power bill ump by quite Read More

Creating a Budget That Works for You: 12 Tips for Managing Your Family Finances

Money management is perhaps one of the most elusive skills. Very few people are taught how to manage their finances at a tender age, yet it is a mandatory skill in adulthood. Inability to regulate your income often leads to negative emotions, such as inadequacy, frustration, guilt, envy and so forth. It is never too late to acquire money management skills. Regardless of how much you earn, spending it wisely will always reap immediate benefits. Read More

3 Reasons to Buy Diamonds as an Investment

Due to changing economic times, everyone is looking for an investment that can guarantee stability and a good ROI. There has been a lot of ups and downs in the universal economic climate prompting for investors to look for alternatives that will make a worthwhile investment. As a result, physical commodities have proved to be a reliable investment alternative, especially with diamond exchange. Initially, people only invested in silver and gold in the physical commodity Read More