Teens and Credit Cards: Tips to Find the Best Credit Card for Your Teenager

It was only the other day when your kids used to look in awe at the shiny cards on your wallet and ask you what they were meant for. You may have given them different answers depending on their age and they just moved on to another question.  But hey! Now they are all grown up and you are wondering when the right time to talk about credit cards. For any smart parents, you should Read More

Exciting Business Ideas for Boss Moms to Consider

Starting a business is something many moms want to achieve. It’s the American dream. However, one issue that stops some people from starting a business is coming up with a good idea. Fortunately for readers, we’ve taken some time to compile a list of good business ideas. These options are not only in-demand, they’re interesting and engaging. The following are a few exciting ideas for boss moms to consider: Focus on Fitness More people are Read More

Holiday Party Planning on a Budget

Looking to throw an amazing holiday party but don’t have a lot of cash? That’s not as big a problem as you might think. Follow this guide to throw a successful low-budget party this holiday season. Throw Your Party at Home When planning a great party, you might be tempted to rent out a crazy cool venue to impress your guests. If you’re on a budget, though, this is a terrible idea. A party can Read More

Starting Your Kid’s Relationship With Money

You’ve spent hours upon hours parenting, planning, cleaning, listening, cooking, rocking them to sleep, training and spending your energy to make sure your kids feel loved, healthy, happy, seen and heard. What you might not have yet considered is setting up their future financial cushion. Regardless of your contribution abilities, the basic discipline of setting up accounts for your kids as early as possible is one of the best things you can do for them Read More

Keeping Your Personal Finances Healthy With White Mountain Partners

Living within your means and managing to put some money aside is great and all that, but you never know when life throws something unexpected your way. If you want to make sure that you are as safeguarded as possible from any personal financial disasters, it’s a good idea to get started right away While it’s impossible to promise that you won’t be affected by a slight setback, it will at least make it a Read More

Tips for Family Clothes Shopping This Holiday Season

Although most shopping during the holiday season consists of toys for kids and electronics for adults, clothes are also a major part of the purchases that most people make. This includes clothing for the changing seasons, to give as gifts, and to wear to holiday parties. Ultimately, this can mean you’ll spend a lot of extra money just on clothes throughout the holiday season. To help you stick to a budget and avoid spending more Read More

5 Tips for Hosting Your Next Event on a Budget

Whether it’s a birthday party, a corporate lunch, or a Halloween party for the neighborhood, if you’re on a budget, events can seem a bit overwhelming, and often hopeless to pull off. While it’s true that some events have bigger budgets than others do, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing event with the small budget you’ve afforded yourself. If you follow these tips, you will soon see that you can indeed get things Read More

How to Make Your Mortgage Work for Your Wallet

The home buying experience can be intimidating, especially when you’re a first-timer with little knowledge about the process at all. It’s easy to dream of your life in that gorgeous coastal home with floor-to-ceiling windows, but when it comes to signing a mortgage to afford that glitz and glamour, your wallet may not be so enamored. In fact, the vast majority of home buyers opt for a 30-year term mortgage that allows them to secure Read More

Easy and Affordable Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Your living room is a centerpiece for your home, and making it a space you enjoy spending time in can be invaluable for relaxing after a long day of work. Furthermore, guests often spend time in your living room, and focusing on it can help you make a positive impression. Here are some affordable ways to spruce up your living room and make it a star of your house. Declutter Over time, living rooms can Read More

How to Live Frugally in NYC

When living in an expensive city, money might slip through your fingers like sand and saving can be difficult. Spending half of your salary to live in expensive places such as Manhattan will most likely lead to a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. With a few hacks and some resourcefulness, it is possible to live frugally in NYC. Here are some tips that will make it possible to save while living in NYC: Eat In Other Neighborhoods No Read More

Why Cutting Up Your Credit Card Isn’t the Answer & How Derby Advisors Can Help!

It’s tempting when you’ve taken the decision to kick your finances into touch, stop relying on debt and start living a more frugal life, to cut up all of your credit cards and never use them again. It’s tempting, but it perhaps isn’t the wisest thing you could do. Sure, on the surface, it sounds like an excellent idea, which is why so many people do it, but the fact is, there are many good Read More

Tips for Lowering the Heating Bill This Winter

Lowering your heating bill can save you a lot of money in the winter. Here are six tips to help you save money this winter. Lower your thermostat If you lower your thermostat from 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day to 55 degrees Fahrenheit at night, you can save up to 15% on your heating bill since lowering your thermostat one degree over an eight hour period can save you 1% on your bill. Wear Read More