Your Ultimate Guide to Pigmentation Removal in Singapore

Like many things in life, it is not always easy to achieve clear and healthy skin. Despite claims from various manufacturers and aestheticians, an all-cure miracle cream or treatment does not exist and if you think about it, maybe there won’t be one in the market anytime soon because it is not a ‘one-solution-fits-all’ kind of problem. In order to achieve a clear complexion, you must identify first the root of the problem – what Read More

Great Daily Skin Routines To Help You Fight The Aging Process

Everyone wants to look their very best. That includes eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, limiting your sugar intake, drinking water, and limiting your screen time each day. Having a daily skin care routine should be another top priority. After all, daily skin routines are extremely important for looking as young and healthy as possible. This article takes a look at tips to incorporate into your daily routine, including helpful anti aging remedies. Read More

The Hottest Hairstyles for Spring 2020

Spring is the time to change your look, starting with your hair! With heat and humidity, it’s important to have a no-nonsense hairstyle that can last you from morning into the night. Look to effortless style when you’re on the go to enjoy your spring without taking too much time to get ready. Here are the top five hairstyles of spring 2020: 1. Natural air-drying for long hair When you’re in a hurry to leave Read More

7 Showstopping Bridal Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions

So he finally put a ring on it? Yay! Congratulations! Now is the time to put your game face on and plan the much-awaited wedding. Every girl has a dream wedding, but getting into the nitty-gritty can be a little overwhelming. How about doing a little checklist? Wedding dress? Check. Flowers? Check. Documents? Check. Ceremony and reception venue? Check. Food vendors? Check. Giveaways? Check. Has something been left out? Oh, the bridal hairstyle! Aside from Read More

How Microneedling Successfully Fixes Damaged Skin Such as Acne, Wrinkles and Dryness

Non-invasive skin procedures such as microneedling have become increasingly popular over the years, with the mix of short, virtually pain-free recovery times and light-touch, non-surgical procedures proving to be highly appealing. Compared to the older forms of skin treatment that could be painful, expensive and less effective, microneedling combines minimal discomfort with a higher level of aesthetic satisfaction, and all achieved through the body’s natural processes. Why is microneedling needed now more than ever? The Read More

Quick Beginners Guide to Micro-Needling At Home

Microneedling is a skincare technique where you prick your skin using many tiny needles in a bid to make your skin clearer and free from acne, wrinkles, and scars. The use of derma rollers as a skincare procedure has become popular among people due to its efficacy. Most people are now using this treatment at their home. Doing it on your own, however, will require you to be keener to get the desired results. First, Read More

A Busy Mom’s Guide to Finding Time for a Beauty Routine

Beauty routine!? What beauty routine? When you’re a mom you barely have time to stop and eat breakfast, so, how in the world do you find the time to keep up with your beauty regimen? Though it may seem like an impossible feat, the truth is, there’s always a solution. It may require some rearranging of your schedule and lifestyle, but with a bit of effort, you can continue to look your best while raising Read More

Quirky Ways To Save Your Skin This Fall

Summer is ending and you have had a great vacation away from all of the stress and troubles of normal everyday life. Your skin is clean and clear, you are tanned and happy, life is great. Now it is time to go back to work and school and let life take its course until next year, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for anything less than perfect skin. Just because summer is Read More

Gorgeous Hairstyles For Ladies

Choosing the right hairstyle for an event can be a difficult task. No matter what your hair type is, there are hundreds of hairstyles to choose from. Some are easy to do, but others require a little more effort.  Whatever hairstyle you choose, know that you don’t have to attempt to make it yourself. If you’re not good at making hairstyles, you can always go to your barber and get it done from there. In Read More

Beauty and Personal Care Product Injury

About 44% of women in the US do not leave their houses without wearing makeup. According to research, there are two main reasons why they apply makeup: seduction and camouflage. Thus it seems that all of these women believe that if they don’t use any makeup on their faces, they won’t be able to be successful in life and will be treated differently. Makeup acts and stimulates three senses: sight, smell, and touch. It allows Read More

How to Build an Eco-friendly Makeup Kit

You can love a hundred makeup brands and still be eco-friendly. It’s all a matter of loving the right products and building your makeup kit in a sustainable way. No, this doesn’t mean you have to make your own skincare products just to control what ingredients go into them. Eco-conscious companies have already done their best in minimizing their footprint and you can take advantage of their efforts. Here’s how you can build an eco-friendly Read More

How Moms Are Putting Their Best Face Forward

Most busy moms don’t have time to worry about whether they are wearing two matching socks let alone worry about covering up old acne scars. If you are a mom that has given up most of your beauty regimen to be able to spend your time caring for your kids, you may know what I mean. Adolescent acne can be severe in many cases and can leave your skin permanently scarred and looking less healthy Read More