Fashion Tips For Mother Of The Bride

As the mother of the bride, you will be as excited as your daughter from the moment when she announces the engagement until the day after the wedding. Are you using memories of your own wedding to decide how her special day should unfold? The truth is that it is your daughter’s big day. While you might be lending financial support, you should commit to being a considerate and thoughtful consultant. Since she probably already Read More

Gorgeous Mohawk Hairstyles For Ladies

Do you want to look modern or look odd? Choosing the first option you are predicted to have a variable and colorful life, full of adventures. Choosing the second option is not recommended at all.          How to Live an Interesting Life? It’s simple. Just do what you want. We mean exactly what YOU want. Not someone else: your mum, dad, friend, colleague, boss, but you. You see, we are all born unique and we live Read More

How To Change Your Appearance With Beauty Tricks

Every woman is born beautiful, but not every woman knows that and underlines all the advantages and hides all the disadvantages of her appearance. However, if she thought deeper, she would find out that there are many beauty tricks and tips for her to shine like the bride on her wedding day. So, let the celebration be present every day with you in the role of a beauty queen.          For doing this you only need Read More

Get a Salon Treatment for Free Courtesy of Your Pantry

Being a mom is sure a joy, but going through the everyday hustle and bustle of motherhood has taken away our time (and money!) to pamper ourselves. But thanks to the many items in our pantry, we can still enjoy some salon treatment right at the comforts of our home. And the best part? They’re free! Homemade hair treatment Hair, the crowning glory of every individual, is unfortunately the easiest one to get messy. So Read More

Why does concealer have to be a lighter shade than your foundation?

For most of us, concealer is one of the most important parts of our makeup routine. Concealer is so versatile that you can use it for just about anything–covering up blemishes, evening out your skin tone, hiding dark circles under your eyes, even covering up scars and tattoos. Most brands offer a concealer for just about every skin tone, making it easy for everyone to enjoy the benefits. When you go shopping for concealer, your Read More

How to Find the Ideal Beauty Routine For Your Individual Skin Type

Far too often we are using the wrong beauty product for our skin. We refer to our friends for the products they love using. We hear celebrity testimonials on how a product has completely changed their lives. All these recommendations and we never really consider that each person’s skin type varies and has their own individual issues and needs. Relying on someone else for skin care advice that has different skin than you does not Read More

How to Keep your Hair Healthy while Hot Styling It

Every article on how to keep your hair healthy has ‘give up hot styling’ as one of its major points. But what’s to do when you can? Do you really have to give up styling completely if you want to keep your locks healthy and strong? The answer to this is a resolute ‘no’. It’s true that hot styling is damaging, but so is walking under the sun, washing your hair with chlorinated tap water, Read More

4 Ways to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

They say invest in your hair for it is the crown you never take off. Be it a blonde, black, white, blue or purple hair, the key to wear them well is to make sure it stays vibrant and hydrated. Here are some tips to stretch that color and make it last longer: Keep it cool. Washing hair with hot water strips off the hair’s valuable oils. It opens the hair cuticle, allowing release of Read More

Proper Skin Care Methods For Aging Skin

Wondering how to make aging skin tougher? Now that is quite a question to ponder. You may not think that you want the tough skin, but you do! If you want healthy skin that looks healthy, then you need to toughen up that skin. Why is knowing how to make aging skin more resistant to the environment so important? Well, as you start getting older, the top layer of our body breaks down. It stops Read More

Facial Masks Can Revitalize Your Skin

Even if you have been diligent in caring properly for your skin, you will be able to benefit from a facial mask. Facial masks provide that extra level of skin care that ordinary treatments will not provide. Most masks smell lovely, too, and because they must be left on for a certain length of time, give you the opportunity to relax and let some of the day’s stress flow away. Masks are used mostly to Read More

Buying Jewelry When You’re on a Budget

It seems like there is always something that takes a toll on your budget, from kids’ sports to doctor visits, from new clothes to music lessons. It is hard to discipline yourself to put money for the things you want and need for yourself aside. However, self-care is important, and making sure you have your own wants and needs met is important as well. Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t Read More

What Type of Oil Does Your Hair Need?

Hair oils are far from being a new invention – since ancient times, men and women have relied on oils to soften and condition the hair and scalp. In fact, the human body naturally produces it: delivered through the scalp, oil and sebum travel from the hair root down to the tip in order to protect each strand, as well as provide much-needed hydration in order to prevent moisture loss. Nowadays, hair oils come in Read More