Quirky Ways To Save Your Skin This Fall

Summer is ending and you have had a great vacation away from all of the stress and troubles of normal everyday life. Your skin is clean and clear, you are tanned and happy, life is great. Now it is time to go back to work and school and let life take its course until next year, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for anything less than perfect skin. Just because summer is Read More

Gorgeous Hairstyles For Ladies

Choosing the right hairstyle for an event can be a difficult task. No matter what your hair type is, there are hundreds of hairstyles to choose from. Some are easy to do, but others require a little more effort.  Whatever hairstyle you choose, know that you don’t have to attempt to make it yourself. If you’re not good at making hairstyles, you can always go to your barber and get it done from there. In Read More

Beauty and Personal Care Product Injury

About 44% of women in the US do not leave their houses without wearing makeup. According to research, there are two main reasons why they apply makeup: seduction and camouflage. Thus it seems that all of these women believe that if they don’t use any makeup on their faces, they won’t be able to be successful in life and will be treated differently. Makeup acts and stimulates three senses: sight, smell, and touch. It allows Read More

How to Build an Eco-friendly Makeup Kit

You can love a hundred makeup brands and still be eco-friendly. It’s all a matter of loving the right products and building your makeup kit in a sustainable way. No, this doesn’t mean you have to make your own skincare products just to control what ingredients go into them. Eco-conscious companies have already done their best in minimizing their footprint and you can take advantage of their efforts. Here’s how you can build an eco-friendly Read More

How Moms Are Putting Their Best Face Forward

Most busy moms don’t have time to worry about whether they are wearing two matching socks let alone worry about covering up old acne scars. If you are a mom that has given up most of your beauty regimen to be able to spend your time caring for your kids, you may know what I mean. Adolescent acne can be severe in many cases and can leave your skin permanently scarred and looking less healthy Read More

5 Great Benefits of Hemp Oil You Must Know

Due to the association of Hemp with marijuana, it is illegal to grow the plant in most parts of the world despite the many applications of its utilization. Hemp contains 0.3 percent of THC: the psychoactive element of the cannabis plant. The hemp plant manufactures textile, fiber, paper, oil production and the seeds added to diets for nutritional benefits. According to The Columbia history of the world, the antiquity of human trade found in tombs Read More

Pros & Cons Of Clip In Hair Extensions

The best way to give your hair a major make overlook is to go for a clip in extension. It changes the look of your hair without you going through drastic measures; highlighting, low lighting, color changing, and other stuff. There’s no reversal from going all out, for instance, when you cut your hair low into a bob, it’s hard for you to rock a ponytail the next day, or chopping off your luscious locks Read More

Frugal Beauty Services You Don’t Have To Pay Professionals To Do

We all want to look our best, but unfortunately, we can’t always spend a lot of money on going to a beauty professional to be waxed, primped and preened. The good news is that you can still stay looking good without spending a fortune by using these frugal beauty services. Give Yourself A Facial It’s always nice to go to a spa for a facial, but who has that kind of money to spare every Read More

Got Porosity in 2018?

No, no, porosity isn’t some kind of disease or infection. It’s a natural ability that everybody’s natural hair or hair extension has. Your hair’s porosity is its ability to absorb and retain moisture. Porosity levels vary from person to person. Some individuals’ hair has lower porosity levels whereas others have much higher porosity levels. Hair that has a higher porosity level intake moisture quite easily while having a difficult time holding onto it. Hair that Read More

Do You Know Which Type of Serum is Best for Your Skin?

One of the great parts about serums is that they work for every skin type – sensitive, oily, dry, or a mix of all three. Rather, serums target the issue and not the skin type. Applying a Daily Serum The one step in our daily skincare regimen we never want to skip is applying the serum. Serums are the ideal way to distribute a highly concentrated, potent active ingredient to the skin. Whether that ingredient Read More

Acne on Scalp are Irritating, but What Can You Do?

The good news is that acne on the scalp is non-noticeable. No one can see them. But the bad news is that they annoying, irritating, and say whatever other adjective you want to say about them. Not only they are annoying, but pimples and acne on your scalp can make it harder for you to style your hair. And because of your hair, they are harder to treat. So, with that in mind, the main Read More

4 Ways a Qualified Dermatologist Can Help You Achieve a Younger Look

Every person is aware that the dermatologist is the professional to consult when one has issues with their skin. Nonetheless, not many people know that this professional is also a great ally in case a person wants to look younger. There are various dermatological treatments that can replenish your skin and make you look younger. Any one of these techniques or even a combination of these treatments can take you back to your youthful glow. Read More