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I have been so blessed in the fact that I was able to successfully nurse all three of my children when they were babies. I am also so incredibly grateful for the love and support I received during my years of nursing, I don’t know if I could have succeeded without those that cheered me on. If there is something I have learned over the years it’s that many mothers out there don’t get that support they need when nursing. plus bringing home a new baby is a lot of work, the last thing you want to do is head to a doctor appointment to get help with your nursing issues. Thankfully there is an easy way for you to get all the breastfeeding support you need from the comfort of your very own home!

Breastfeeding Support From the Comfort of Your Home

You have probably already heard about Amwell, it is the nation’s largest telehealth company that connectt users with board-certified, licensed doctors for immediate and live, online visits (day or night, on either mobile or desktop.) Amwell doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But did you know they now offer a new service for nursing mothers? Amwell’s Lactation Services provides video consults in order to allow new mothers to ask questions, address concerns, or get advice concerning breastfeeding and everything that comes along with feeding their newborn. Video also allows the consultants to assist with latching and feeding issues. 

Breastfeeding Support From the Comfort of Your Home

A lactation consultant is more than happy to answer common questions and issues associated with your breastfeeding experience. The lactation services are provided by a network of International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs), so you can be rest assured that you will be receiving top notch help. A lactation consultant can provide you help with a number of issues such as; latching, breast pain due to feeding issues, questions about milk supply, pumping or going back to work or school as well as many more. 

Breastfeeding Support From the Comfort of Your Home

Life is busy with a new baby, thankfully Amwell allows you to schedule an appointment!

Breastfeeding is not easy, so never feel like your questions or concerns are too small. Even the smallest issue should be addressed to ensure the success of your breastfeeding experience. It is so important that new moms seek out a lactation service if they have issues because this is something that not all hospitals or doctor offices provide. New mothers have so many questions when it comes to breastfeeding their new baby, however, but unfortunately not every mother is able to see a board-certified lactation consultant to help answer those questions before leaving the hospital.

I have had so many great experiences using Amwell and I would love for the opportunity to gift you coupon offer so you can experience their service first hand! Make sure to use code ‘NEWMOM20’ to receive 50% off 2 Amwell visits. You will be able to use this code twice; your first visit is $130 ($65 with the coupon) and the second visit is $75 ($37.50 with the coupon.) This offer expires 12/31/17. Please note that you have to put your credit card information in to hold the appointment, then once you log back in for your appointment time you will be prompted to enter the promo code.

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