Author: Heather W.

Hello I am Heather, the face behind the Miss Frugal Mommy website. I enjoy sharing my life and tips on frugal living, parenting, travel, recipes and living a healthy and active lifestyle! I spend my days in sunny Georgia, juggling my blog and four very active and amazing kids.

The Way to Give Your Dog Identity

There is no better way to give dogs an identity than to fit them with Dog Tags. They can look impressive and prove functional as a way to catch up with your dog. Not only can your dog be returned to you should they get lost because of venturing into


Secret of CBD Health Benefits for Hair

Hair problems have risen to become one of the most pressing worries for individuals worldwide, and just a few solutions have proven successful. Cannabis and its constituents—CBD, in particular, as well as CBG and a slew of other endocannabinoids—have recently piqued the interest of practically every industry imaginable, with the


5 Eye Conditions and Prevention

There are hundreds of eye conditions ranging from simple ones like dry eyes to life-altering ones like melanoma. Prevention is still better than cure in all health conditions therein. That is why we must be informed on lifestyle alterations we can undertake to prevent discomfort, infections, or, worst, sight loss.


How to Maintain Good Oral Care At Home

The way you treat your teeth is a reflection of how you take care of your overall health. As the entryway to your body, it serves as the first defence from bacteria and pathogens. However, maintaining your oral care at home can be sometimes difficult.  With so many temptations and

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