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5 Wacky Women: For the Woman Who Loves the Perfect Surprise

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5 Wacky Women: For the Woman Who Loves the Perfect Surprise

With Christmas just weeks away, everyone is scrambling around trying to find the best gifts for their friends and family. There is always that one person in your life that you just can’t seem to find a gift for. That is why The 5 Wacky Women subscription box is perfect for the woman in your life (sister, mother, daughter, aunt, friend, colleague, grandmother, yourself) who are difficult to shop for but love a fun surprise and a good time. The 5 Wacky Women subscription box includes four to six hand-selected unique items chosen by the 5 Wacky Women owner and her team. You will expect to find unique gifts in every box, with the option to purchase month to month. Each surprise box is guaranteed to have some flair and personality, and contain only fun, functional, hard -to-find items! So let’s take a look and see all of the fabulous items that were included in this month’s box!

5 Wacky Women: For the Woman Who Loves the Perfect Surprise

My first impression when I opened this box can only be described as lots of girly screams and loads of excitement. I could not contain my excitement upon opening the box, I literally fell in love with everything before even looking at them! These items fit my personalty so well and I couldn’t wait to get a closer look at each item.

5 Wacky Women: For the Woman Who Loves the Perfect Surprise

First up is the Mindfulness Coloring Book and colored pencils. Mindfulness helps to soothe away anxiety and stress, especially during the hectic holiday season. Coloring is a great way to be mindful! This is the perfect coloring book to carry in your purse and bring with you on the go. Adult coloring books are a huge hit right now and everyone is loving them. I am absolutely in love with all of the different designs in this book and can not wait to fill in the pages!

5 Wacky Women: For the Woman Who Loves the Perfect Surprise

The hydra shower burst aromatherapy is a product that I was super thrilled to find in this box! You see… I am NOT a bath person and it seems like there are so many products out there just for the bathtub. I was so excited to discover that I could enjoy an aromatherapy product right in the shower! This particular one is made with all-natural ingredients and pure essential oils. I use essential oils in my home every single day, they are a simple and effective way to promote psychological and physical well being.

I am a really big fan of homemade soaps and you can find them in each of our bathrooms, as well as the kitchen sink! The juniper tree candies quince soap smells so unbelievably… AMAZING! I wish I could share the scent with you, it is so fresh, pure and refreshing… not like the soaps you will find at retail stores that are filled with dyes and perfumes. This is a fresh made soap embellished with herbs, flowers, and glitter. This is truly one of the best quality handmade soaps I have ever had the pleasure of using, simply amazing!

5 Wacky Women: For the Woman Who Loves the Perfect Surprise

I am a bit of a bag hoarder and my coat closet is filled with reusable ones. I do my grocery shopping at least once a week at Aldi, which if you have not shopped there, you need to bring your own bags… but I am always forgetting them! This envirosax reusable bag conveniently rolls up for easy storage, I can keep it in my car without it taking up too much space. This is going to make it so easy for me to always have a bag on hand for groceries, no more forgetting to grab them before heading to the store. What’s even more exciting about this bag is that it can hold up to 45 pounds, meaning I can use it for my holiday shopping as well!

5 Wacky Women: For the Woman Who Loves the Perfect Surprise

AND then there was this decadent piece of chocolate that was quite possibly the most delicious candy I have enjoyed in some time. I already love basically anything made with sea salt, it is one of my favorite ingredients. The MyBar! sea salt splash chocolate bar is a rich and creamy, containing 61% dark chocolate with a sprinkling of crispies and a splash of sea salt. These would actually make a really great Christmas gift for the chocolate fans in your life!

5 Wacky Women: For the Woman Who Loves the Perfect Surprise

The final item in my 5 Wacky Women box was this amazing Spartina bag! Wish I had this bag a few weeks ago because when we went on vacation, I crammed all of my makeup items in a large tupperware container, which was not practical. This Spartina makeup bag would have been the perfect travel accessory! I especially love the compartment on the bottom, which will keep my eyeliners and brushes neatly organized and in place… I can’t wait to put this bag to good use!


Overall I am highly impressed with the 5 Wacky Women subscription box and loved each and and every item that was included. I have said this so many time before, subscription boxes are a fantastic way to discover new items and this was defiantly one that introduced me to 5 unique items that I would not have otherwise known about. If you’re looking for a way to de-stress, or need a gift for that wacky women in your life, then you know where to shop!

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