5 Cool Things DNA Testing Can Do

5 Cool Things DNA Testing Can DoDNA testing has recently become very popular, thanks to its commercialization. You can now order the DNA kit and take the test at home then send the sample to the DNA testing Kit Company for results. The results often take weeks to generate, depending on the DNA testing company.

However, you should do your research before taking any genetic test. This way you know more about it from risks to benefits. It sounds all technical, but if you know what you want. It can be easy to know the best type of DNA test to take. You can also consult a genetic specialist for more information.

Anyway, through such tests you can learn loads of cool stuff about yourself, from heritage to the type of diet to be in. You can also find lost relatives from any part of the world.

Here are some cool things that DNA testing can do.

1.     It Can Help You Lose Weight

Studies in the genetic field have found that your genes often regulate 80% of fat in your body. This means that your ability to lose or gain 10 pounds by looking at a mouth-watering piece of chocolate is shaped largely by your genetic makeup.

In essence, scientists have identified several gene variants that may predispose you and kids to obesity. Therefore, you should not limit DNA to just paternity and heritage testing, it has more to offer. You just research on what you want to know and take a test for it with the appropriate DNA testing kit.

2.     It Can Help to Distinguish Your Mutt

You can have your pets DNA tested to determine its genetic background, especially if they have weird characteristics or love to do unusual things that most dogs are not known to do.

The DNA test is likely to test your pets DNA against other breeds in their databases, to determine where it came from and why it behaves the way, it does. This way you get to understand its natural tendencies and design a unique nutritional, training and exercise program to meet its needs.

3.     It Can Predict Some Health Risks

It is now easy to know if your unborn child would be at risk for some diseases, just from taking a prenatal genetic test. The test is simple. They just take a saliva sample from the parents to determine any chromosomal abnormalities that can be a cause for any genetic disorder.

Moreover, genetic testing can also reveal some health risks you inherited from your parents. However, you should note that it is only a risk factor and not a diagnosis of the disease be it breast or colon cancer. It does not mean you will get sick, but you can take some medical preventative measures to reduce your chances.

4.     It Can Help Solve Ancient Mysteries

DNA tests have been used to solve some ancient historic mysteries, by identifying some historic people by their remains from battles and revolutions. You might think that this is impossible, but DNA can last for thousands of years if stored in a cold, dry and dark place.

In relation, scientists have even managed to extract DNA from Neanderthals who went extinct thousands of years ago, about 30,000 years ago, all in the hope of understanding the evolution of human beings.

5.     It Can Help You Map Your Family Tree

If you want to know more about where you came from, then you can take a genetic test for mapping out your ancestral roots. This way you get to know more about your relatives and if they are within the databases of the DNA testing company, then you can get to know them if you want.

The similarities in your gene and others in the databases can give you a clear picture of where in the world your ancestors came from, as well as their ethnicity and yours.


In conclusion, you can read more about DNA testing and if there were something interesting, you would like to know about yourself. You can check if there is a genetic testing for it. You can also have your pets tested.

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